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Having up-to-date, compelling blog content on your site isn't just a way to show clients and prospects you're on the ball: It's a proven way to improve your search engine results and drive traffic to your site.

But the truth is that many advisors just don't have the time to organize, write and post blogs on a regular basis. If that sounds like you, there's a simple solution that is now more affordable than ever:

Through Make It A Great Day's copy affiliate, AdvisorCopy, advisors receive fresh, monthly blog content on exactly the topics that most interest their clients and prospects. Our copy is the best in the business: Crafted from scratch each month by a professional journalist who has covered the financial advice field for two decades.

This Month's Blog Topic Ideas

Schwab: The Team Behind Our Team

As a client, you know that choosing the right advisor is important. As your advisors, we too strive to select great business partners. One of the key allies for every advisor is their custodian. We use Charles Schwab Advisor Services as our primary custodian. The company is an invaluable part of the value we offer clients—a team behind our team.

How Will the Election Affect the Market?

It’s been an unusual election cycle so far, with upstart, controversial candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders giving the establishment candidates fits.

One question I’ve been receiving a lot is this: How will it impact my investments if a certain candidate wins? What if the next president enacts high import tariffs? Or jacks up taxes?

Are you saving enough for retirement?

Studies show that many of us aren't saving enough to eventually stop working. But you’ll need ongoing retirement income equal to between 60% and 85% of your current gross household income. And you may well need more to cover rising healthcare costs. There’s no bigger factor in reaching your financial goals that saving in a disciplined way. Example: If you save an additional $5,000 per year at a 7% annual rate of return, you'll gain an extra $186,000 over 20 years.

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Blogs: They can spotlight your expertise, keep you in contact with clients and show that you're tuned in to today's technology.
Blog customization: AdvisorCopy rewrites “canned” articles from your subscription providers in order improve SEO, bring stale writing to life, and add your voice and viewpoint.

Yet most advisors struggle to consistently produce fresh blog entries and social media messages. As countless advisors can attest, a stale blog page may seem worse than no blog page at all.

Finding the Good Ghostwriters

That's why AdvisorCopy offers affordable, polished blog and social media content, all created by a veteran financial writer. Each month, subscribers choose among three new blog items; AdvisorCopy automatically posts the selected content to client's AdvisorFlex Integrated Blog. What's more, using your blog's RSS Feed, the content can automatically be pushed to your subscriber list and/or social media accounts. Simply...

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Our blog and social media items:

  • Target a cross-section of clients, from young couples to retirees, and from middle-class folks to the very wealthy
  • Include timely topics, such as end-of-year tax planning, and "evergreen" subjects such as the wisdom of a patient investing approach
  • Are professionally written in an authoritative yet conversational style

Our blog and social-media subscription service is all about your peace of mind. You run your business and serve your clients; we make sure you have a first-rate social media presence.

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